Motorised 10X zoom HD bullet camera

Taipei, Taiwan

HIQ-6391 IP bullet surveillance camera

Hiqview Corporation is strengthening its IP camera line with a new motorised weatherproof bullet IP camera, the HIQ-6391. It is equipped with a 10X optical and 4X digital motorised zoom and is housed in an IP66-rated weatherproof housing for harsh outdoor environmental applications.

The HIQ-6391 has been designed within an all-IP architecture with a 1/2.7” CMOS sensor for full HD 2 megapixel resolution (1920x1080 @30fps real time) images. The camera has a 10X optical zoom lens  and supports video compression of H.264 and MJPEG formats for multiple resolutions of Full HD / SXGA / WXGA / VGA / QVGA and QCIF as options the user to meet differing environmental conditions. In Full HD resolution the HIQ-6391 has been engineered to reproduce quality images at 1080p/30fps and in real-time.

Without WDR, in a situation where the camera is installed facing the sun, the image of a person standing directly in front of it with a strong backlight will be too dark to identify. The WDR technology incorporated into this camera uses different exposures for different objects to lower light contrast, and thus is able to reveal the clear features of the face even with a strong back-light. For locations where there is a strong backlight or insufficient light source, the Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) feature helps the HIQ-6391 to constantly generate clear and good quality images at all times.

The HIQ-6391 IP camera offers the advanced functions of Smart focus / Auto focus / Step focus making it an ideal, yet professional, choice for outdoor applications. The Smart Focus allows users to draw a square on an image to focus precisely and immediately; this function makes the HIQ-6391 to easy to focus on a chosen area and brings out clear images. The Auto Focus on the HIQ-6391 automatically focuses on a moving object and/or a large object that might occupy over 50% of the area of an image. The Step Focus function on the other hand, offers users the ability to set up focus manually to nearby or distant scenes when required. With a friendly GUI built into the camera, these advanced imaging features make for easy, flexible andd efficient fine tuning on the focus of the HIQ-6391 HD IP camera.

Image noise can be caused by many factors, such as power interference, heat, and dim light sources and each will affect the quality of the video quality adversely. The HIQ-6391 offers powerful DNR technology to efficiently remove the noise in an image reproduction that will not only produce clearer images but will also reduce the size of the video fractions.

When the light goes down, it is difficult for a typical outdoor camera to create clear and quality images. The HIQ-6391 IP camera adopts the latest IR technology to detect heat emitted from objects within the effective distance. The built-in IR LEDs designed for up to 30 metres of light radiation enable the HIQ-6391 to create clear images 24/7 and result in a powerful tool to identify essential elements of a scene, such as people and vehicles, in night mode.

The network configuration of HIQ-6391 is simple and quick. The configuration tool offered by Hiqview can automatically search for the connected Hiqview camera(s) in the internet environment to minimize any problems with network setting, plus the PoE feature, ensures that the HIQ-6391 can be powered through the same internet cable - an important function for applications where there maybe difficulty in providing power outlets or for cabling.

HiQ-6391 is shipped with the powerful VMS Hiqview Vision software included and allows for online management of up to 64 IP cameras in a surveillance system. The HIQ-6391 is designed for day and night applications and suitable for projects such as parking lots, entrances/lobbies at banks, retail stores, shops, train stations, stairways and many more.


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