New Civintec OLED multi factor access control reader

Shenzhen, China

Civintec's latest Crystal keypad incorporates several chip technology and communication interface standards.

For access control systems supporting an OSDP secure channel, a credential transaction can be securely AES 128 encrypted during the card reading and transmitting process between the reader and the access control system.

In addition to traditional radio frequency technologies such as 13,56MHz and 125KHz, BLE 5.0 and SAM AV2 are also supported. This combination makes the product flexible for all kind of security applications and future technology requirements applicable for the security industry. The LED symbol indicates in combination with display text and a buzzer sounds user-friendly and clear information in real time for the user.

The Crystal keypad is tamper protected with a mechanical switch which allows for indication of both attempts to break it away and manipulation of the reader.


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