New NDAA 8-channel HD encoder from Idis

Brentford, Middlesex (UK)

James Min, MD, Idis Europe

Idis has enhanced its extensive range of video solutions with the launch of a new 8-channel DP-DE2108 HD encoder, designed to digitise various brands of analogue camera signals to provide effective HD image quality, ensuring that end-users can continue to support legacy cameras, use a mix-and-match analogue and IP approach, or manage phased upgrades to full network surveillance.

The DP-DE2108 allows HD analogue, SD analogue, and HD-TVI cameras to be quickly and easily integrated into a Direct IP network solution, delivering high-performance video of up to 5MP when using an HD-TVI signal. In addition, the encoder features four audio inputs, quadruple streaming up to 30ips per channel, and supports OSC control over coaxial cabling.

The intelligent features offered by the DP-DE2108 provide many of the benefits of IP without the cost of a complete network conversion. It enables a unified approach to managing analogue or IP cameras from either the license-free Idis Center VMS or Idis Solution Suite (ISS), with a modular choice of enterprise-level services.

James Min, Managing Director, Idis Europe, notes that “The release of the DP-DE2108 reflects Idis’s continued focus on real-world customer needs. Despite the market shift from analogue to network surveillance, we continue to see a steady demand for analogue. Customers want to retain coaxial cabling, particularly in locations like historic buildings, where there is a need to avoid the cost and disruption of civil works.”

In addition, this new 8-channel encoder will be a valuable option for phased migration programmes, ensuring continued operation and uninterrupted surveillance with exceptional HD image quality, as system upgrade projects are rolled-out.


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