Gianni launches LED-illuminated exit push bar

Taipei, Taiwan

Gianni Industries, Inc., or GEM, specialising in access control and making electromagnets and electric strikes for a wide range of applications since 1992, has now added to its product portfolio with the release of a pair of illuminated micro-switch push bars.

Gianni recently debuted its latest PBA-600LD and PBA-860LD micro switch push bars; both are designed for emergency exit doors and other large-scale outswing doors. They are available in two different lengths, suitable for 32” to 36” doors. These device include a dry contact as REX output to electric locks as well as a set of access control input (can be wired with or without voltage) to connect with access control on the exterior side of the door. 

The push bar is also illuminated with a bi-colour LED which changes from green to red (and vice versa) with the change of lock status both by depressing the push bar and when access is granted through the access control keypad or proximity readers. The LED indication allows the exit to be located quickly and easily in the dark.

There are versatile ways to connect the PBA series with different access control system setups and works with both fail-safe and fail-secure locks. The LED indicator setting can also be changed easily on site.


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