New hydrogen flame detector

Lubeck, Germany

The Flame 1750 H2 is Dräger's new triple-IR flame detector engineered for fast and reliable detection of hydrogen flames.

The new device offers to identify a hydrogen fire (1-meter flame) from distances of up to 40 metres, and within just five seconds.

Built to withstand varied environmental conditions, its weather-resistant design operates in a wide temperature range, with automatic heating to guard against icing and fogging.

Developed specifically for hydrogen flames, the detector promises an impressively low false alarm rate - common sources of false alarms such as hot CO2 or welding work are no issue. The automatic self-test function assures device integrity, with a clear three-colour LED indicating device status.

Boasting low energy consumption along with integrated HART and RS-485 interfaces, the Dräger Flame 1750 H2 offers a comprehensive solution for hydrogen flame detection.


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