New Fujifilm binoculars with stable FOV at high magnification

Kleve, Germany

Fujifilm has released Fujinon binoculars, designed for exceptional performance, the Techno-Stabi TS 12x28 has an image stabiliser, which can be used without a tripod, even at high magnification.

When normal binoculars are held by hand, distant objects can appear to tremble and blur. This is particularly distracting when working with high magnifications and dark scenery. The TS 12x28's image stabiliser provides stable images even at 12x magnification. The vibration correction works precisely at an angular range of ± 3°. This makes it very possible to observe moving vehicles or ships.

Furthermore, the TS 12x28 has an extraordinary light intensity, which also produces sharp and high-contrast images for astronomical observations. This is achieved through multi-coated optics and phase-coated prisms. The focus is adjusted by means of a central focus wheel, which can be operated with one finger.

Thanks to the fibreglass-reinforced and compact plastic casing, the binoculars are lightweight, easy to handle, robust and waterproof. The power consumption is so low that one battery charge lasts up to 12 hours. The power saving mode also switches the device off automatically after 10 minutes. Therefore, the TS 12x28 is recommended for very long observations.

The application areas are unlimited, for example in sports, in nature, at concerts or on the high seas.


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