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Oulu, Finland

Idesco Cardea System is a network of devices which communicate wirelessly. It is a new product family from Idesco, and it enables building of open and scalable identification systems by wireless communication.

The system shows its advantage as fast, flexible and cost-effective installations. A wireless Cardea system frequently takes an estimated 40 minutes per door to install compared with an average of seven hours for a wired solution. Faster installations mean cost savings for both system installers and end users.

Wireless system is an optimal solution for an office environment where a cost effective and secure access control and time & attendance system is needed. Wireless system enables easy and cost-effective expansion of an existing access control system without the need of changing the existing system structure. Wireless system makes it also possible to build solutions with two applications easily. For instance an identification system with access control in an office environment and parking control on the parking lot outside the building can be easily implemented by a wireless solution. Parking control outside the building can be connected to the same system with the office access control without the need of installing any - perhaps underground - cablings.

A wireless identification system, built without cabling, brings RFID solutions to applications where RFID has not been utilized before. A wireless system makes it possible to easily build an identification system in places where it is not reasonable to install cablings. Some new and innovative, interesting application examples of a wireless system installation:

- Temporary access control systems on construction sites, events etc. Just take the system with you after the event and re-build it in another place.

- Small and compact solutions with few doors and few readers and a small group of users (an office environment or a shop with workers and carriers, all having access rights within the system).

- Harbours and other wide areas where there are a number of readers scattered around a large area and a cabling solution is impossible to carry out.

- Historic buildings and other sites in which cable installations are not the most optimal solution. Installation does not require opening of constructions, and without cabling the system is invisible.

Idesco Cardea system consists of separate devices, which can operate independently or form a network, i.e. an identification system. Cardea solution supports most used RFID technologies and customers don't have to replace their existing software or ID credentials. Connected to Idesco's new innovative Access Touch touch screen terminal with an RFID reader and a computer in the same device, Cardea system builds up a modern and intelligent method of collecting and analyzing identification data.

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