New empty shelf detector for retail environments

Perm Krai, Russia

The Empty Shelf Detector is designed to immediately notify a store of low stock to avoid loss of profit.

Eocortex, a developer of IP video surveillance system software, has released the Empty Shelf Detector, a new intelligent module aimed at increasing retail store sales.

The Empty Shelf Detector is designed to immediately notify a store employee about an empty shelf, so that he or she could fill it with goods promptly in order to avoid loss of profit.

The module uses the reference image of a 100% full shelf at its maximum capacity. In the course of operation, it continuously compares a current state of the shelf and its reference image. When some goods have been taken and the shelf is partially empty, the video system notifies an employee of the store about it.

The operator can set the threshold value for the amount of stock that is on the shelf before the notification is sent. This is done to avoid excess notifications. Also, it is possible to set up a convenient method of notification - it can be a signal in the Eocortex Client software, an SMS to be sent to a mobile number, Viber, Telegram or an electronic mail message.

By enabling the Empty Shelf Detector, a director, a manager or an owner of the store will be able to reduce costs through cutting staff previously required to continuously monitor stock levels; increase profit due to the fact that the customers always have all the goods they need at their disposal.

The Empty Shelf Detector by Eocortex has become a new tool in the portfolio for efficient video analytics solutions for retail stores. Today it includes visitor counting, people counting in queues, personnel monitoring, license plate recognition, foot traffic heat maps, abandoned object detection and smoke and fire detection intelligent modules.


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