Medeco locking protects against physical attack

Salem, Va (USA)

M4 offers more protection against lock picking, as well as 3D printing or cloning attempts.

Assa Abloy is releasing Medeco 4 (M4), the next generation of high-security key technology from Medeco. M4 builds on more than 50 years of lock engineering innovation, offering some of the highest levels of protection against physical attack and unauthorised key duplication.

“With M4, we continue the legacy of trust that Medeco has built upon our over 50 years of manufacturing high-security locks in the USA,” said Joseph Kingma, Medeco General Manager, Assa Abloy. “Medeco key systems, combined with stringent key control programmes and our history of enforcing patents, ensures our customers that every cylinder is the most secure it can be.”

Kingma added that keeping openings secure was the catalyst behind the capabilities of M4. “With more security features than any key system we’ve ever made, and an innovative design that protects against the latest threats like 3D printing, M4 reaffirms Medeco as the name that built high security.”

M4 cylinders are UL Standard 437 listed for physical strength and high security, with solid brass machined construction and strategically placed hardened-steel inserts to thwart drilling attacks. In addition to tumbler pins that lift and rotate, the M4 design includes four side pins: three finger pins and one lift pin, which must all interact with the sidebar to open, providing a high level of pick resistance. The patent-pending M4 key design, with its shuttle-pin movable element, also helps protect against the emerging threat of 3D printing for unparalleled credential security.

The company boasts that the technology built into M4 stretches the boundaries of features that can fit into a single cylinder. There is a movable element on the key that engages a lift pin to activate the sidebar for more protection against lock picking, as well as 3D printing or cloning attempts.  In addition, side-pin codes allow for a vast number of pinning combinations to support even the largest key system requirements, and the patent-pending key control ensures keys cannot be duplicated without proper authorisation.


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