Matica redefines security for financial industry

Munich, Germany

The new Matica S3300e being shown this week at Trustech 2018

This week, Matica Technologies AG is releasing its updated financial desktop embosser, S3300e, at Trustech 2018, a global exhibition that brings together the world’s secure technologies and applications

With its newly designed drum and tipping module, which embosses instantly pre-printed cards at branch level, this financial desktop embosser brings a new level of security.

Conceived by deploying Matica’s effective embossing technology at the centre of their issuance systems, Matica has listened to the changing demands of the banking sector and created a high quality financial desktop embosser system. The quality of the embossing is, in part, thanks to an unprecedented feature that allows individual character pressure adjustment.

The technology is ideal for the increasingly favoured delocalisation model, which personalises financial cards over a number of locations to improve business efficiencies and to significantly elevate security levels. The S3300e supports this process since it is compact enough to be desktop size and kept on-site, allowing the embossing to be done at branch level with preceding processes completed off-site.

Creating a secure environment for financial customers is crucial, so maintaining a solid emphasis on safety levels has remained a key driver behind the S3300e’s engineering; embossing technology is one of the most effective protections against fraudulence.

For example, banks can improve protection against theft of pre-printed card stock that is centrally produced by first using Matica's S5200, S6200 or S7000 solutions and finalised on-site with the S3300e. Pre-printed cards remain even more secure throughout the process since they do not contain all of the user’s personal information and they remain unactivated until the personalisation process is finalised.

Other security benefits can be found in its size. Marketed as the most compact on the market it can be easily placed in a secure vault for restricted access. The front manual feeder also protects against the risk of stolen card stock. Further, the S3300e comes with the ‘Matica Security Pack’, which complies with international security regulations in the financial issuance industry.

Designed for easy-use, the S3300e includes a state-of-the-art, 72-character drum for front-side embossing and rear indent. Its speedy issuance will enhance customer service but not at the expense of high costs, since branches can reduce distribution and courier charges linked to central issuance systems.

“As the financial industry continues to advance its drive towards digital transformation, banks need our help to deliver a frictionless customer journey with improved security levels and improved business efficiencies. The S3300e is one of our responses to these evolving needs and takes into account the move towards a decentralised model of issuance,” said Sandro Camilleri, CEO, Matica Group.


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