Launch of new Evolution 180 panoramic camera

Fresno, Ca (USA)

Pelco has released the new Evolution 180 camera, which provides a dewarped view without blind spots to capture the areas of greatest interest, and makes it ideal for crowded areas like banks, hotels, malls, schools and eateries, as well as hospital and clinic waiting rooms.

Typically, ceiling-mounted fisheye cameras present less detail on faces and objects that are situated at the periphery of the camera’s field of view, or capture the tops of subjects’ heads when located directly below the camera. Available in indoor and outdoor versions, the wallmounted Pelco Evolution 180 with true day and night capability is built by Oncam and is specifically designed to deliver a high-definition panoramic view, including a detailed eye-level view of people and vehicles.

“In contrast to conventional fisheye panoramic cameras that waste pixels on low interest views of ceilings and floors, the Evolution 180 focuses on areas of interest while providing 12 percent more pixels per foot and minimizing storage and bandwidth requirements. Thus, the Evolution 180 is an affordable solution that further helps price-sensitive customers,” said Kevin Saldanha, Principal Product Manager for the Evolution 180.


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