Latest thermal innovations from Sightlogix

Princeton, NJ (USA)

Sightlogix Sightsensor XA coverage

The latest innovations from Sightlogiix were on display at the recent ASIS show and include Sightwrap, a smart thermal security service that makes military-grade intrusion detection available for a low monthly cost, and the enhanced wide-area Sightsensor XA smart thermal camera that can cover an area the size of a football field.

“Sightlogix’s smart thermal technology redefines the economics for outdoor security,” said John Romanowich, President and CEO, Sightlogix. “By enhancing the performance of our solutions, reducing costs and offering services, Sightlogix has transformed the way outdoor security can be achieved.”

Sightsensor XA combines a higher resolution 640x480 imager with onboard video analytics to deliver extended wide-area detection, enabling a single smart thermal camera to detect intruders over an area as large as football field. This capability lets a Sightsensor XA replace four or more cameras resulting in the lowest cost per square metre for large outdoor security applications. By reducing camera counts and the required support infrastructure, Sightsensor XA delivers a highly cost-efficient solution for outdoor applications.

The Sightsensor XA product line has been expanded to detect inbound intruders up to 595 metres away, over an area as wide as 15 acres giving a wider range and enhancing performance.

The new gyro-based video stabilisation feature is designed to eliminate nuisance alerts and misdetection from wind and vibrations. Ideal for bridges and transportation infrastructure, airports, tall poles, and other applications where camera movement causes alarms.

Sightwrap places the power of a high-end intrusion detection system within reach of countless new customers who need to protect their outdoor assets from theft. This new approach to outdoor security requires no up-front capital costs - instead, the hardware, software and monitoring services are bundled into one package. Sightwrap delivers all the benefits of Sightlogix established smart thermal imaging technology for an affordable monthly fee while providing RMR opportunities to a select group of certified channel partners.


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