Latest 3D Social Distancing Measurement Solution from Huperlab

Taipei, Taiwan

The solution can be used to give an alarm when it detects people with a distance of less than 1.5M between each other for over 5 seconds

Due to COVID-19, it has become increasingly important to maintain social distancing to avoid infection. For this very purpose, Huperlab is now introducing its Social Distancing Measurement Solution that uses 3D stereo vision intelligent technology to help protect customers, visitors and employees from viral infections.

The solution measures the distances between people in an area and sounds an alarm when people get too close to each other below a certain distance criteria for a predefined period. For example, people being closer to each other than 1.5 metres or less for over 5 seconds. It is also able to set a maximum capacity criteria in an area. When the capacity reaches the maximum, the system sounds an alarm to its build-in speaker repeatedly to warn people to keep maintaining social distancing. It can also trigger a dry contact to control external devices if required.

The system features an all-in-one AIoT Plug & Play, easy-to-install 3D stereo vision smart camera which is cyber security certified, with built-in web server, a pair of built-in mic and speakers, and digital input/output. It does not require another PC to run the 3D stereo video analytics so the total cost of ownership is lower. Huperlab partners are able to take advantage of the SDK for further integration, such as obtaining the people count in the specified area, the minimum/average distance among people, etc. It is also able to integrate the analytics data into Microsoft Power BI’s and Tableau’s dashboard display and produce powerful reports.


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