Korenix IoT gateway for M2M applications

Taipei, Taiwan

When it comes to implementing Industrial Internet of Things, the IoT gateway is one of the components that cannot be omitted. The IoT gateway is a mediator application that receives and processes data from local sensors and devices then sending only critical data to the central system. It allows for the collection and transmission of information safely and efficiently between the end user, devices and software applications.

The essential functions of an IoT gateway are - providing connections for different interfaces (such as 3G, Bluetooth, serial and wifi) and protocols (such as VPN, MQTT);  the safety function can protect the devices from external attack and it also provides a safe platform for multiple devices that allows data to transmit between; the processing data function allows setting, control and firmware update.

IoT gateways provide the safety and data processing function for protocols, different interfaces and firmware function. It is an indispensable device in industrial IoT systems.

Korenix wireless/cellular solution and new Jetlink series has been designed to provide a reliable, cost-effective and secure solution for automation projects.


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