Korenix JSR to easily manage wireless devices

Taipei, Taiwan

Korenix Technology, a Beijer Electronic Group company, is introducing its new monitor App- Jetwave Smart Remote (JSR) for creating a smarter and easier way to connect and manage Korenix Jetwave products. In industrial networking environments, IT engineers are often not at the field site when an issue occurrs and it takes a lot of time and effort for local engineers to solve the problem. The issue is more difficult for Wifi networking devices, since they are often moving or in unseen places and the operation is more difficult than for a wired network. Therefore, the JSR App is a simple tool for both IT and OT engineers in a Wifi device environment.

By downloading the App, users can easily connect their wireless AP/ client to their phone. The App works as a small management system on your phone that can automatically detect all nearby Korenix AP and client devices. With Korenix JSR App, engineers can check all AP / Client connection status or package loss rate with only a few clicks. Moreover, the app also has the antenna assistant function, which allows engineers to adjust the antenna to the best angle effortlessly. With Korenix JSR, an engineer’s life can now be easier- from installing to trouble shooting Korenix wireless AP devices, all managing processes can be at the fingertips.

AP Location Detector

Korenix JSR shows the dBm signal of each AP/ client, which allows engineers to check the best connecting signal on their phone. When installing multiple AP in the field, engineers can only find out the signal strength between two AP devices after installing. If the signal isn’t strong enough, the AP device has to be removed and re-installed in other places. The installation process is time consuming and inefficient. With Korenix JSR, engineers can now walk around by just carrying their phone to find the best spot with the strongest signal.

Antenna Assistant for effortless antenna adjustment

The Antenna assistant helps engineers to adjust antennas by displaying the signal strength and generating a beeping sound. With the sound assistant, engineers can adjust the antenna without checking on the computer repeatedly and can simply fix it through listening to the frequency of beeps sound.

Efficient Problem Shooting in AGV environment

Wireless products are often used in factory automation environments, such as AGV. In many cases, when an AGV breaks down, it is sometimes difficult for local engineers to determine the problem. Korenix Jetwave Smart Remote (JSR) App can show the status of each Wif AP and client so engineers can identify the problem in good time.

Korenix JSR can be connected to Korenix Jetwave Wifi products, such as, Jetwave2212 series, Jetwave 3220 series. The App is a compact management system on your palm that is easy to use and assists you on a more efficient device installation. In addition, it also provides you an efficient way for trouble shooting. Korenix JSR App can soon be downloaded on Android.


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