Ip.access wins 2018 Special Award at Essen

Essen, Germany and Cambridge, UK

The Ip.access Presence for Safe Cities solution has won the 2018 Special Award at this year’s Security Innovation Awards in Essen. Presence for Safe Cities is a unique, micro-proximity mobile detection system, which is optimised for use in border/perimeter protection scenarios.

The solution delivers real-time, targeted presence-based cellular handset detection, providing new data streams for personal identification analysis. Today’s security monitoring systems can now be significantly enhanced by the capabilities offered by Presence for Safe Cities. Presencesensors can be deployed quickly, at low-cost, as part of new or existing security systems.

Presencesensors work by capturing mobile subscriber information and location data around sensitive sites, giving users such as police forces or government agencies, the ability to correlate and compare this cell phone identity data with a larger intelligence picture. This information can then be used to back up existing evidence such as CCTV imagery, facial recognition, or passport/biometrics to support big data analytics applications such as footfall analysis.

Commenting on the win, Richard Staveley, CEO at Ip.access said: “In the age of smart cities, security is of the utmost importance. Our Pesencesensors fit seamlessly into existing networks and give 24/7 visibility around or in specific sites, including airports, critical infrastructure facilities and railway stations, to deliver real-time, targeted detection.

“With our Presence solution we are changing the fundamental business case for security, bringing affordability to the proximity sensor market and enabling organisations to make security their main focus, rather than cost, when implementing such a solution. The fact that our technology innovation has been recognised with the Special Award is a huge honour and a significant validation of our vision for safe cities.”


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