Ievo integrates with Genetec

Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK

Ievo Ltd has joined the Genetec technology partnership programme and the company's have worked together to provide integrated fingerprint authentication systems for enhanced access control capabilities for users of the Genetec Security Center, the company’s unified, open-architecture platform that combines video management systems (VMS) with access control infrastructures, VoIP communications and analytics.

Ievo Ltd engineers and programmers have been working closely with Genetec to directly integrate Ievo registration/user management software with the Genetec Security Center. This allows for simple access using only one set of registered (Genetec) credentials, rather than having to manage multiple credentials on one system. Security Center communicates with Ievo systems via the Ievo central SQL distribution software, ensuring that the correct access and permissions for user profiles are distributed to access hardware.

With the cost and complexity of hardwired access control installations increasing, this seamless integration means that enrolling users and profile management is simple, efficient and cost-effective, saving customers money. The seamlessly integrated systems also enhances an organisation’s or facility’s security for both employees, visitors and properties and provides an alternative choice of access control solution from traditional ‘cards’ and ‘PINs’ systems.

“We are excited to be joining the Genetec technology partnership programme,” said Shaun Oakes, Managing Director for Ievo Ltd, “not only are we integrating two leading solutions for enhanced access control infrastructures, but we are also expanding our portfolio of working partnerships which will allow us to provide our system installers and end-users a wider selection of beneficial access control solutions.”

“Our technology integration relationship with Ievo for access control efficiencies comes at an exciting time for Genetec, and will provide greater flexibility and choice for our end-users, adding another competitive edge for our unified security platform in what is an evolving marketplace,” said Francois Brouillet, Commercial Manager – Access Control, Genetec.

The integration of Ievo software means that registered Genetec credentials can be ported and used in the Ievo user enrolment software. This will allow management of user permissions and credentials directly from one system giving greater control and visibility in a more comprehensive, unified manner.


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