Identiv launches new cloud access system

Fremont, Ca (USA)

Identiv, Inc. has just launched its Hirsch Velocity Cirrus, the industry’s most reliable cloud-based Access Control as a Service (ACaaS) solution, built on the award-winning Hirsch physical access control system (PACS) platform.

Hirsch Velocity Cirrus allows users to control, manage, maintain, and update their Hirsch access control systems via a fast, simple-to-navigate web user interface. Dealers can now deploy ACaaS services with the full range of advanced Hirsch Velocity and Mx Controller-enabled features. Customers can choose core features for basic access or advanced features, including government-grade, secure connectivity between hardware and server, full Mx Controller support, alarm and event viewer, enrollment manager, customisable reports and threat levels, employee/person-escort and two-person rules, and anti-passback and timed anti-passback.

“By providing Velocity services from the cloud, users no longer need to manage local software or server hardware,” said Mark Allen, Identiv GM, Premises. “Updates occur automatically and invisibly. They’re always on the latest, most secure, and most feature-complete version of Velocity. With low upfront costs and much lower maintenance costs than other on-premises access control servers, Cirrus provide enterprise PACS functionality at a tremendous value.”

Cirrus allows customers to manage their systems through any web browser, removing the need to support a thick client, and eliminating time-consuming client-server synchronization, allowing instantaneous deployment of new features to the Hirsch PACS solution.

Velocity Cirrus offers cloud-based benefits, like high-availability, infinite-scalability, and cyber security technology, making access to Velocity extremely powerful. From a dealer perspective, Cirrus is the best of both worlds. Dealers retain their valued customer relationships while delivering low-cost-of-entry, recurring-revenue-based access control solutions. As customers add features and enhancements, dealers play a key role to administer system expansions, feature additions, and upgrades, providing further revenue opportunities.

“Velocity Cirrus provides an optimal solution for both customers and dealers, with lower upfront costs, lower maintenance, portability, and the future-proof assurance that you’re always on the latest version, with the most up-to-date security and feature sets,” said Steven Humphreys, Identiv CEO.


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