I-Pro set to present industry firsts in Dallas

Rolling Meadows, Il and Dallas, Tx (USA)

I-Pro will be showing the small form factor series of rapid PTZ AI cameras

At GSX 2023 , I-Pro Co., Ltd. is ready to showcase a variety of products including what is thought to be the smallest compact dome AI camera range in the industry, a new line of rapid PTZ cameras, also marketed as the smallest in their category, and the smallest multi-directional + PTZ camera, high resolution dual-sensor cameras, the latest NVRs and more.

The company will be presenting its AI-based smart cameras and I-Pro’s powerful Active Guard software as a standard feature for VMSs from Genetec, Milestone, Video Insight, and others, offering operators the benefit of actionable intelligence with unique attributes about vehicles and humans.

“Yet again, we’re bringing the smallest and most capable products to GSX to suit any project and form factor,” says Adam Lowenstein, Director of Product Management at I-Pro Americas Inc. “We’re focused on discreet deployments without sacrificing our state-of-the-art image quality, AI-powered analytics, and best-in-class cybersecurity. And just as important, we’re making it easier than ever to do business with I-Pro.”

GSX attendees will be able to see live, in-depth demos of Active Guard, I-Pro’s Integrated VMS plug-in for AI attribute forensic search and watchlist alarms for live events. Active Guard shows the depth of what is possible when using advanced, edge-based, AI vision technology from Ambarella, a similar technology to that used in autonomous vehicles. Visitors will also see demos of I-Pro’s multi-directional + PTZ AI-auto tracking, the multi-sensor camera detects a target and sends an alarm to the PTZ. The PTZ moves to the preset position, locks onto the target, and starts tracking the object. “The award-winning multi-directional + PTZ is so small, it is easily mistaken for a standard dome camera. With the optional recessed ceiling mount, you can’t believe there are five separate sensors in that housing,” adds Lowenstein.

I-Pro believes that this is the first time attendees can see a technology demo that adds intelligent AI-based analytics to traditional, non-AI based network camera streams using edge-processing. Adding to that, this technology extends the life of existing network cameras by turning them into smart devices.


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