Hikvision unveils 2nd generation professional access control

Hangzhou, China

Image Credit: Hikvision

Hikvision has unveiled its second generation of professional access control products. The new products and functionalities represent a significant leap forward in access management and include innovations for web management, flexible authentication, professional access applications and converged & unified security solutions.

The launch, during a global online event last month, featured Hikvision’s access control product team who elaborated on the latest access control trends as well as Hikvision’s innovations in the field.

“Throughout the past decade, Hikvision has remained steadfast in propelling the industry forward and pioneering ground breaking innovations in the realm of professional access control,” says Wayne Wu, Director of Access Control and Video Intercom Products at Hikvision. “Our second generation professional access control products incorporate technologies such as web management, updating the entire access management experience for users.”

Key benefits of the second generation access control products

With a focus on providing seamless and efficient access management, Hikvision’s second generation professional access control products encompass a wide range of powerful features and functionalities. These include:

Easy web management -  The new products support seamless configuration and operation of the access control system through a user-friendly web management interface which can be managed either via a PC or a mobile device in AP mode.

Flexible authentication options -  Users can now choose from a wide variety of authentication methods including traditional card, authentication, fingerprint, and PIN code, to more modern mobile identity checking technologies including Bluetooth, NFC, and QR code.

Professional access applications -  The second generation products provide advanced access strategies to enhance security and refine access control based on specific needs. These strategies include multi-door interlocking, anti-passback, First Person In, and multi-factor authentication. The customisable Wiegand & OSDP V2.X also contributes to a robust and efficient access control system.

Converged and unified security solution -  Hikvision’s access control solutions go beyond just access control management. They seamlessly integrate with Hikvision’s video security, video intercom, and alarm systems, providing a unified security solution.

The key products from the Hikvision’s second generation professional access control solution are the DS-K2700X series Access Controller, the DS-K1109 series Reader, and the DS-K1T805/-K1T502 series as seen during the company's online broadcast.


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