Geovision launches compact audio surveillance solution

Taipei, Taiwan

One of the world-class IP surveillance manufacturers, suppliers, and brands, Geovision has recently lauched its new IP Speaker series, a compact audio surveillance solution designed for simplicity and efficiency.

The Geovision IP Speaker offers clear voice messages without the need for extra equipment, streamlining the surveillance experience. The system seamlessly integrates with GV-VMS and GV-Control Control Center, providing scalability for security personnel to make loud sounds in real-time, for the purpose of live speaking for deterrence and instruction.

Geovision's IP Speaker Series streamlines surveillance with audio, integrates seamlessly with existing systems, and enhances security and communication in various environments.

Geovision's IP Speaker Series is designed for use both indoors and outdoors, suitable for various settings such as public areas, retail outlets, and offices.

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