Geutebruck G-Scope 3000 desktop

Windhagen, Germany

The desktop series of new G-Scope video management family has been designed for just about any application: as a single unit for securing objects with up to 32 IP and 16 analogue cameras, networked for distributed sites or in a networked system to protect larger areas.

Like all G-Scope models, the devices in the 3000 series achieve high performance by using a 64-bit G-Core video engine. The integrated GPU acceleration guarantees 3 times faster image processing, while the dual database architecture ensures rapid access to memory images and a high level of protection against tampering. Integrated video analysis rounds out the package: Activity Detection for motion-triggered recording or also for motion detection in indoor areas along with scene validation for monitoring the cameras are standard features. Options such as powerful video analysis for outdoor security applications and automatic number plate identification for access control expand the features to fulfill the needs of a given application.

Also in terms of reliability, the professional desktop devices have a lot to offer: The operating system resides on a separate SSD card. With its redundant power supply, the G-Scope/3500 provides even greater reliability. When the budget is tight, it can simply be omitted. With up to 24 Tbytes, 32 IP and 16 analogue camera connections, the G-Scope/3000 is completely ready for the demands of a modern HD-based video security solution – for use in a wide range of applications such as large gas stations, supermarkets or industrial buildings.


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