Fujinon focuses on quality lenses at Ifsec

London, UK

High quality Fujinon zoom lenses will be the highlights on the Fujifilm stand at Ifsec this year, including the full HD zoom lens series with 32x and 60x optical magnification that will be presented in live demonstrations. Both lens series combine large optical zoom ratios with high resolutions and large sensor formats of 1/1.8” and 2/3”.

The 32x zoom lenses impress with full HD image quality across the entire zoom range with maximum focal lengths of up to f = 400 mm (FD32x12.5SR4A) on 1/1.8” sensors and f = 500mm (FH32x15.6SR4A). To respond to increasing market demands for colour images even in low light, the lenses are designed for large sensor sizes of 1/1.8” and 2/3”. The built-in visible-light-cut filter enables reliable performance even in fog, rain and snow. Analogue control for zoom, focus and iris is supported as well as serial control via RS232C interface for operation by PC. In addition the lenses support the widely used Pelco-D protocol.

The 60x telezoom lens series D60x16.7 and FH60x20 feature 2 megapixel / full HD resolution. The D60x16.7 lenses are designed for a maximum sensor size of 1/1.8” and cover a focal length range of f = 16.7 ~ 1000 mm while the FH60x20 lenses offer a focal length range of f = 20 ~ 1200mm on 2/3” sensors. Thanks to the built-in 2x extender the focal length can be doubled, giving clear identification and recognition of objects at 4 km distance.

Additional features include anti-vibration technology which is achieved through built-in optical image stabilisation due to moving glass elements inside the lens. This unique optical image stabilisation technology compensates for image vibration; the result is a stable picture even at long focal lengths

The built-in filter systems are controllable via a remote control feature.  There are 2 types of ND filter selections for observation suitable in most lighting conditions. A visible-light-cut filter gives advantages in most critical weather conditions such as fog and rain.  Additionally, the one-shot autofocus system enables accurate and reliable focusing based on contrast measurement within the scene and precise lens control can be achieved via the PC to adjust zoom, focus and iris through an RS232C interface.


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