Four new integration options for Paxton Net2

Brighton, East Sussex (UK)

The four new integration options include S-Key, Clearooms, Smart Spaces and Locker Connect.

September saw the release of four new, interesting integrations for Paxton's long-standing IP networked access control system Net2. Any one of these new options could become a useful addition for a customers’ Net2 system.

The four integration options include S-Key, Clearooms, Smart Spaces and Locker Connect, as described below:

The S-Key solutions consists of secure fingerprint-biometric access control cards that are developed by Freevolt, a UK-based technology company. They are battery-less and simply allow a person’s entry via fingerprint verification. This eliminates unauthorised possession allowing access using lost or stolen tokens. The cards work on secure contactless technology, available in NXP Mifare or Legic.

Clearooms is a valuable tool for building administrators that manage hot desking. It can be used to book desks and meeting rooms in shared workspaces or companies with employees undertaking hybrid working. Users can clearly see availability across floor plans, get specific information on available rooms and desks, as well as invite attendees.

The Smart Spaces visitor management system allows users to create visitor profiles to trigger the creation of a visitor record, and access credentials when needed. The credential is sent to visitors via email as a QR code which allows them to access a secured building for a predetermined timeframe. This is particularly useful for building managers who work remotely.

And finally, Locker Connect enables the data from major MIS Systems to create and update Net2 users’ details, minimising administration of user creation on multiple platforms.


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