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Wilsonville, Or (USA)

Worn on an individual’s body or mounted inside vehicles, Truwitness sends real-time alerts, with live video and audio streaming and location data during an incident.

Flir has released Truwitness, believed to be the industry’s first wearable sensor platform designed for any city-level security and public safety organisation. Truwitness works in unison with Flir Systems’ video management system, United VMS, which city command centres use to manage video surveillance. Together, they provide organisations with on-scene, real-time mobile surveillance.

Worn on an individual’s body or mounted inside vehicles, Truwitness sends real-time alerts, with live video and audio streaming and location data during an incident. A city-level command centre running United VMS could connect Truwitness devices across a city to aid emergency response when needed by expanding eyes and ears for any entity to virtually anywhere, any time. It also allows situational awareness capabilities for better-informed incident-management decisions and for use during forensic video analysis.

While there are many possible use scenarios across cities, city-type and enterprise grade deployments for Truwitness, here are five professional organisations that Flir suggests would benefit immediately:

First Responders - For medical or other crisis response in a city environment, response time is the difference between life and death. With Flir Truwitness, first responders arriving to a scene can automatically live stream everything happening to a command centre who can share information with nearby hospitals, or any other related entity to help save time and save lives. For instance, a doctor in a hospital could give real-time instruction to a first responder to help provide the best care on the scene before transporting someone.

Subway and Metro Personnel - Subway and bus security personnel watch over thousands of riders every day. Truwitness allows central control room operators to have an on-scene view anytime they need, either when a crime is committed, security event occurs or if someone needs help in a medical incident. From inside a train or bus, or on a train platform or bus station, Truwitness allows control rooms to connect with onsite personnel in real-time.

Building and Campus Security - College campus and building campus security personnel equipped with Truwitness devices will help keep students and building occupants safe. Whether it’s an unwanted person in a building or campus dormitory, Truwitness can immediately alert and capture on-scene footage when needed to help take control of a situation and hold individuals accountable.

Delivery Personnel - Truwitness can record the live action of packages delivery people drop off at a front door for proof that the package was delivered. It can also allow drivers to signal for help in case of an emergency, allowing organisations to help keep their drivers safe on the job. Using its location data, operation centres can monitor and track their vehicles and personnel at any point in time.

Event or Stadium Security - Keeping large numbers of people safe at large events is of upmost concern for stadium operators. As such, security at these events need to have eyes and ears open on everyone, everywhere, always. Flir TruWitness allows security personnel throughout a stadium environment to report incidents quickly and stream video and audio footage in real-time to the command centre. When a safety incident occurs, Truwitness allows operators to respond swiftly in the moment, as well as have recorded evidence for forensic use after the event has concluded.


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