Facial recognition can verify faces with masks

Shenzhen, China

The coronavirus Covid-19 has affected more than one hundred countries and territories around the world and 1 international conveyance (the Diamond Princess cruise ship harbored in Yokohama, Japan) till March 13, 2020 according to the data of “”. As wearing-mask people has been raising in number, one of the China's facial recognition product suppliers, Jieshun, has released its new facial recognition system, the Y10 series, designed to successfully identify faces without removing masks.

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, many people are thinking of wearing facial masks to minimize the chances of catching the disease. This brings a challenging scenario when considering how to make a successful and fast facial recognition on systems for those people wearing masks. 

The Mailonline has reported that some facial recognition systems from China are evolving as capable of being able to recognise people with partially covered faces, such as wearing a mask. Jieshun, one of the facial recognition product suppliers based in China, has currently launched its new Y10 series that features face mask recognition on the original autonomous face recognition algorithm. It can identify faces wearing different types of masks without removing the mask. The Jieshun Y10 can also easily distinguish fake facial images from paper photos, photos on mobile phones, and artificial videos, for effective face recognition 24/7.

The Y10 facial recognition system, with its capability of identifying people mask-wearing faces, can be used in all weather conditions and allow people walk through a gate or entrance without taking off  their masks.  The system thus will help security guards to fulfill their duty whilst still remaining in high security control under the epidemic situation and period. 


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