Unique LED Balloon Light system prevents accidents

Taipei, Taiwan

The LED Balloon Light system, designed and developed by Ching Yuang, an innovative manufacturer founded in 2002, in Taiwan, is an outdoor light-weight, energy-saving, and high-mobility illumination device. This unique system will make its debut at the SKYDD 2018 show in Stockholm, Sweden from the 23rd-25th October.

The LED Balloon Light  employs a fabric light cover with a special coating that distributes mild and even lighting, and so does not produce dazzling or glaring illumination. It provides 360-degree lighting to minimize blind spots, and features effective energy efficiency.  There is a built-in small blower to inflate the cover, allowing the lights to be emitted evenly in all directions, thus providing a large extent of panoramic lighting while minimizing blind spots.

Traditionally, without the lantern type of lighting fixtures, most construction sites were using lighting systems at night that generate a glaring light that shines into a drivers eyes and dazzling them.  Sometimes, this distraction can result in an accident. Now,  the balloon light provides an evenly distributed lighting over the entire work site.  With its mild lighting, the LED Balloon Light system is a better option that could be applied to any road working sites at night.   

The LED Balloon Light system performs this illumination effect with fewer fixtures, and it is equipped with a waterproof battery power supply, is compact and easy to transport, so that it can be a quick response to any urgent need indoors and outdoors. The lighting system is designed to withstand wind speeds of 7m/ second and the Led lamp has a long-life span of over 50, 000 hours; it is saves energy and is designed for high-efficiency.

The LED Balloon Light has already achieved patents in many countries, and it has won the Taiwanese Excellent Awards in 2017; its debut in Scandinavia will be at the SKYDD 2018 from  23rd-25th October at the Stockholmsmassan, Alvjso (just outside Stockholm), Sweden.


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