Elevator emergency phone from Gainwise supports wireless comms

Tainan, Taiwan

At the forthcoming Ifsec Global event coming up in May, Gainwise, a specialist developer of communications products, will be there to present the company's latest innovation, an Emergency Phone for Elevators with a 4G fixed wireless terminal.

The 4G fixed wireless terminal is a cutting-edge communication device that supports VoLTE and connects to PABX or standard telephones via an analogue trunk port. With this device, users can make direct calls from a mobile phone, replacing expensive PSTN to mobile phone calls. The device also automatically utilises the lowest cost routing (LCR) to ensure cost savings.

The 4G fixed wireless terminal is not only a mobile relay and backup phone line, but it can also be used as a wireless public payphone. Its innovative features make it an excellent alternative to traditional emergency phone systems in elevators. In the past, emergency phones in elevators required expensive and challenging wiring to connect to the management room. However, with the 4G fixed wireless terminal, traditional phone lines can be replaced, and with the external backup battery, emergency calls can still be made even when the elevator loses power.

This product is ideal for businesses and individuals who need a reliable and cost-effective communication solution. Its support for VoLTE ensures high-quality voice calls, while the analogue trunk port allows for easy connection to existing phone systems. Additionally, its innovative features and versatility make it an excellent choice for various applications, including emergency phones in elevators and public payphones in remote locations.

In conclusion, the 4G fixed wireless terminal is offered as a game-changing communication device that provides high-quality voice calls and innovative features. Its versatility and cost-effectiveness make it an effective choice for businesses and individuals looking for a reliable communication solution. With its support for VoLTE, analogue trunk port, and backup battery, this product could be an interesting investment for any organisation or individual looking to upgrade their communication capabilities.


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