Dallmeier Panomera wins design award

Regensburg, Germany

The Panomera W camera system from Dallmeier electronic has won this year's IF Design Award.

According to the company, it was the Panomera W Series and its Mountera mounting system that convinced the 78 members of the independent, international jury of experts to choose the innovative combination of design and technology over more than 7000 rivals. Consequently, they now number among the very exclusive list of winners in the "Product" category.

The innovative design of the Panomera W series is inspired by the guiding principle of "form following function": The design reflects not only the arrangement of the sensors and the materials used, but also a unity of the style. The high quality of the materials used betokens durability and investment protection. Yet the housing of the camera is up to 95 % recyclable.

This year, the innovative camera system impressed the expert jury in many different categories, for example in terms of innovation, functionality, quality of design, but also with regard to target group orientation and environmental responsibility. With the latest generation of the Panomera series, Dallmeier is first manufacturer in the B2B video security technology sector to implement a uniform design language. Whether on the casino floor or in safe city applications, at the airport terminal, in industry or logistics: The simple design of the Panomera  allows it to be integrated unobtrusively in an enormous variety of architectonic environments while keeping the focus unerringly on the user and his requirements.

Innovative mounting system

And the innovative Mountera packaging and mounting concept was also recognised with an award: Installers and service personnel benefit from short implementation times and smart solutions of detail. Even the packing is designed to enable convenient handling at the installation site.  In addition, installers can carry out the entire installation and all adjustments using just one Allen key size, plus the Montera offers a modular implementation principle with a range of different brackets for flexible mounting options.

Cost efficient and future proofing

Besides its innovative design, the Panomera W series is also notable for its cost-efficiency. Technical innovations and the small number of cameras needed help to realise significant cost savings in all important aspects of implementation and operation. And advantages are created for everyone involved. At the planning phase, the minimum resolution of the Panomera W series can be defined precisely, which helps ensure security and video analysis standards of the future will be satisfied. At the same time, the system offers minimal infrastructure expenses and maximum operator efficiency - one operator can cover an area with way less screens than with conventional systems. Furthermore, multiple operators are able to monitor large expanses independently of each other through one camera system. And even when multiple operators use high-resolution zooms, the total overview image is retained – both live and in the recording. This means that all important information is kept and any situation is under control at any time. In combination with the latest generation of chips, which are already equipped with integrated neural networks, and with various Dallmeier AI applications, the Panomera W series also enables extensive video analyses for a wide variety of operational situations.


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