Comnet launches new midspan power injectors

Danbury, Ct (USA)

Comnet is introducing two hardened PoE power injectors for applications where higher requirements for operating power exist on an Ethernet network.

The CNGE1IPS75AC (75 watt) and CNGE1IPS95AC (95 watt) hardened Ethernet PoE power injectors designed to supply PoE operating power to powered devices that require greater power than can be provided by IEEE 802.3at for power sourcing equipment. These midspan injection modules inject 50-57 VDC to any network cable. Operating power and 10/100/1000TX Ethernet data are easily combined on one cable, eliminating the need to install additional power outlets and electrical cabling. The models are fully compliant with the requirements of IEEE 802.3at for power sourcing equipment (PSE), and features auto detection of powered devices (PDs). Transmission distances of up to 328 feet (100 metres) are supported, and this injector supplies operating power for PDs drawing a maximum of 75 and/or 95 watts (model dependent). Ideally suited to fibre optic, wireless, or other networks where it may be difficult to furnish operating power to the PDs. Theses products offer a true plug-and-play product requiring no user configuration or other set-up.

According to Andrew Acquarulo, Comnet President, “We are consistently being pushed on the demand for PoE capabilities. There are many PoE powered devices available that require greater operating power. These 75 and 95 watt devices can provide that greater power and stand up to difficult industrial environments. Our switches have always been ahead of the curve when it comes supporting PoE. Where there was a need was, is for hardened supplies to meet that demand for greater power. These products satisfy that demand.”

“Comnet’s goal from day one has been to be a smart and secure choice for transmission products. Our position is that if you are concerned about the long-term success of your application, choosing Comnet ensures it will be,” said Skip Haight, Comnet VP of Marketing. “Developing these hardened power supplies will continue to differentiate us from our competitors,” Haight continued.


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