Civintec enhances Crystal Touch and functions with Cidron

Hong Kong, China

Civintec Global has released the latest updated version of its Crystal Touch terminal, CT9; it is a modern and client customisable Linux access control system suitable for both online and offline access control and IoT applications.

Crystal Touch family CT9 is Linux based HTTP server centralised terminal with TCP/IP Ethernet suitable for both LAN and internet cloud server software communication, CT9 offers embedded relay control for both online server real-time monitor and standalone access control solutions, no need for a controller.

With stylish and elegant design, the 3.5” touch screen and speaker sound give intuitive and user-friendly clear information to visitors, and suit almost all applications and environments for indoor and outdoor installations and to the highest level of security.

The CT9 is incorporated with several chip technology options, including RFID dual 125KHz & 13.56MHz contactless smart cards, ISO18092 NFC and BLE mobile phone access ID and SAM AV2. This combination makes the product flexible for all kinds of security applications and future technology requirements applicable for the security industry.

During online mode, the CT9 supports unlimited users for real time access control management. The 'GET/POST' command via standard HTTP protocol communication builds bio-directional communication with the server, and with a unique device address to avoid IP conflict for secure device management under internet and LAN. In case of disconnection from the server, the CT9 has a large capacity of 10,000 card holders and 50,000 event logs to work as a standalone system to 100% guard the physical access control system.

To build a secure access control system, the CT9 also works with the Cidron family of external door readers for both sides of door control, and offers recognisable Card ID and event reporting, read from the Master (CT9) or Slave reader for secure anti-pass back (APB) access control.

The Cidron reader family is 100% Swedish design and offers compatibility with secure RFID-technologies and BLE, with NFC mobile credentials incorporated in a robust, yet aesthetic design, making them ideally suited for both indoor and outdoor installations in all kinds of physical access control applications.

Peter Bergström, CEO of Civintec Europe says: “We are very proud of Cidron, today it is one of the best RFID readers available on the market, and with its customisation possibilities and accessory range I dare to say it is unique. Cidron has increased its market share a lot during the last five years. Our ambition has always been to provide innovative products with a high level of quality that meet any client’s requirements on a global scale.”


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