Cathexis to demonstrate powerful VMS in Dubai

Dubai, U.A.E

Cathexis returns to Dubai this January for Intersec 2019, a world leading trade fair for Security, Safety and Fire Protection, taking place from 20-22 January at the Dubai International Convention Centre. Building on the success of exhibiting at Intersec in recent years, the Cathexis 2019 showcase will once again provide the platform for the company to highlight the latest features from its software suite.

Cathexisvision is a video surveillance management system, which offers users the ability to make key-decisions based on intelligent information processing, and to take automated actions in the control room or command centre environment. This provides enhanced effectiveness and efficiency, and offers a superior return on surveillance investment. Over the years Cathexis has deployed this solution across various vertical market applications, including airports, city surveillance, education facilities, financial institutions, Government and oil and gas, amongst others.

Cathexisvision is renowned for consistently adding an extended range of new capabilities to its feature rich software solution, providing the optimum video management surveillance system. The intuitive user interface, which facilitates quick and easy installation requires minimal training and downtime. Cathexisvision aims to create a seamless user experience, providing users with a quick, easy and simple to use: site setup, licensing, camera setup, recording configuration and backup procedures.

Having proven itself in a wide range of market sectors across the globe, Cathexisvision boasts an extensive range of dynamic features, culminating in one of the most sophisticated and intuitive VMS software suites available on the international market today.

Cathexisvision offers significantly enhanced levels of protection for users, including high-level encryption for communication between the various components of the Cathexisvision system and to any archived video.

It can be seamlessly integrated with various third-party systems from world-leading brands.

According to the company. the video analytics suite provides a powerful enhancement to the value of any CCTV surveillance installation. This feature includes, presence detection, entry/exit area, line crossing, motion detection, direction, speed, loitering, object detection, object counting, queue length analysis and license plate recognition.

Cathexisvision has an advanced suite of tools that significantly speed up the process of viewing pre-recorded footage. Users can setup specific searches that will eliminate the need to review irrelevant footage, improving the efficiency in locating recorded events of interest. It offers three customisable tools - motion search, snap search, motion trails and bookmarks.

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