Brinno Duo designed for apartment rentals and homes

Taipei, Taiwan

Brinno, a professional design power house with a solid clientele of world class tech firms, and founded in 2003, has recently reported that their fund-raising campaign for the Brinno Duo camera project has just successfully raised 130% of their goal on the Indiegogo website a tool for people to find and fund the next big thing.

Brinno Duo is a smart peephole home security camera that is designed ideally for applications in campuses, apartments, and houses. The Brinno Duo is able to discreetly record and alert the presence of visitors to notify the apartment tennants and/or homeowners.

Unlike most IoT security cameras, Brinno Duo is ideal for apartments as it is easy to install and remove. Thus, the device can be re-located if moving home. The Brinno Duo can be easily upgraded and integrated as a discreet motion sensors with video recording to guard property. 


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