New AI-IP cameras for VSS & ACS to showcase at Ifsec 2018

Taipei, Taiwan

Androvideo, is a rising brand with veterans from the smartphone and IP surveillance markets aiming to create A.I. cameras that can think and judge for themselves. At Ifsec International in London next week, Androvideo will makes its debut of the cutting-edge AI-IP cameras for VSS (Video Surveillance Systems) and ACS (Access Control Systems) which are targeted at worldwide security companies, the robotic industry, smart retail and factory automation applications.

According to the company edge computing IP cameras will undoubtedly become the dominating devices in the surveillance industry over the next five years. Just like the evolution of computing devices, it began with the big main-frame, then the workstation, the PC, and then on to smartphones, each device arriving with computing power you never imagined before. Thanks to the powerful semiconductor, the IP camera industry is developing with the same trend - cameras are becoming more intelligent, faster, more responsive, and able to co-process multiple AI (Artificial Intelligence) algorithms on one single device. All this bringing greater productivity to everywhere cameras are installed.

Androvideo will bring to market an existing system with the addition of AI (facial recognition, human detection, age/gender classification) in a more timely way without replacing all the infrastructure and current investment. Just adding one new Advan VD1 camera will enable a retail store owner to enjoy AI, convenience and productivity. The line is offered in various form factors such as box-mounted (SC1), fixed-dome (VD1, MD1) and bullet-type (EBL1).


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