Boon Edam focuses on tailgating mitigation

Lillington, NC and Chicago, Il (USA)

At the show will be the Lifeline Boost access control Pedestal, a brand new, stylish access control pedestal designed by Boon Edam to complement the popular Lifeline optical turnstile series.

Boon Edam will be placing emphasis on the theme of tailgating mitigation and integration at the GSX (formerly ASIS) exhibition in Chicago, Illinois, from September 10-12. GSX is an annual event that brings together over 20,000 participants from across the security profession for a week of networking, educational opportunities and discovering the latest security solutions. Boon Edam is also the official turnstile sponsor of the show.

Access technologies, such as card readers and biometric devices, are critical for controlling entry to secure areas within a building. However, these solutions are only effective at mitigating tailgating when coupled with the appropriate entrance solution. Swinging doors do not stop one authorised person from opening the door and then holding it open for a number of others. Security entrances coupled with access technologies provide a complete solution that ensures only one person can enter per valid authorisation.

On display at the Boon Edam stand will be the Lifeline Speedlane Swing Optical Turnstile, marketed as the industry’s slimmest optical turnstile.  The presentation will feature a custom, integrated pedestal that incorporates the Morphowave touchless fingerprint technology from Idemia. This solution enables high throughput with the enhanced security of rapid biometric identification, all in a stylish, cohesive design.

Also on show, the Lifeline Boost access control Pedestal is a brand new, stylish access control pedestal designed by Boon Edam to complement the popular Lifeline optical turnstile series. The Boost will include the latest version of Essex’s credential card reader, now with optical Bluetooth and OSDP capability, the Irox-T with BLE expands for HID Global’s Mobile Access solutions.

The Tourlock 180+90 Security revolving door will be on display featuring an AMAG Symmetry card reader to demonstrate access control integration paired with the door’s uniquely high, bi-directional throughput and its ability to prevent tailgating and piggybacking without manned supervision.

Offering one of the highest levels of security available in an entrance, the Circlelock mantrap security portal prevents intrusion into the most sensitive areas such as data centres. The portal at GSX will be configured to demonstrate two-factor authentication: an AMAG Symmetry card reader on the outside of the portal conducts the initial authorisation, while facial recognition provides instant authentication inside the portal. The secure, edge-based facial recognition access control device by Alcatraz, called the Rock will also be demonstrated on their stand at the show.

The company will also display Boonconnect Software - an IP-addressable, proprietary software system providing diagnostic and configuration tools for the Tourlock security revolving door and Circlelock mantrap portal. Users can remotely access door operations and events using devices such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone via a secured corporate network.

As part of a celebration of Boon Edam's leadership in security entrances, as according to a report by IHS Markit, the company will be hosting a tailgating-themed prize giveaway at the show.


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