Axis enhances Zipstream to support advanced surveillance

Lund, Sweden

Axis M3047-P takes advantage of the newly upgraded Zipstream technology for 360 degree cameras in a cost-effective way

Axis has made enhancements to its Zipstream compression technology to support the increased data streaming and storage demands of 360-degree panoramic cameras and 4K resolution.

Zipstream ensures that important forensic details of video footage are maintained, while minimising bandwidth and storage requirements by an average of 50% or more. Axis also announces two new domes that include the enhanced Zipstream, offering cost effective, 360-degree, high-resolution coverage.

Customer demands for video surveillance can appear contradictory: an increasing desire for improved quality, resolution, and coverage, with a simultaneous need to control costs in relation to bandwidth and data storage. The response from Axis Communications is to continually develop its unique Zipstream video compression technology, to embrace the developments in network camera capabilities.

“Storage and bandwidth make up a significant part of the total cost of a surveillance system. Axis developed Zipstream to address the specific needs of the security industry. That is, to minimise these requirements without losing forensic details”, said Johan Paulsson, Chief Technology Officer at Axis Communications. “We are happy and proud to announce the enhancement of Zipstream now embraces both panoramic and ultra-high resolution cameras."

Axis are also introducing the Axis M3047-P and Axis M3048-P network cameras, which take advantage of enhanced Zipstream technology to deliver cost effective 360-degree coverage. They are compact fixed mini dome fisheye cameras giving complete coverage to customers.

Featuring an attractive, smaller design than their predecessors, the new cameras are flat and subtle, with no dome over the lens - making them more discreet and eliminating the risk of reflections in the dome. Smoke-detector and vandal-resistant casings, as well as a black casing, are offered as accessories for both cameras. The cameras support both camera-side as well as client-side dewarping. The smooth client-side dewarping in Axis Camera Station or other video management systems can be easily performed in live view or on recorded material of the full 360° overview.

Axis M3047-P, with a 6-megapixel sensor, and Axis M3048-P, with a 12-megapixel sensor, both deliver full frame rate video and excellent image quality, including overall sharpness and light sensitivity.

“Combining these new 360-degree domes with the enhanced Zipstream technology really does deliver a cost-effective solution for customers, providing comprehensive coverage while ensuring the detail of that panoramic view is not lost when streaming and storing data,” added Petra Bennermark, Global Product Manager at Axis Communications.

The enhancements to Zipstream are being showcased together with above-mentioned panoramic cameras and new 4K cameras at Ifsec International, this week at London's Excel exhibition centre.


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