Ava Security launches the Ava Flex security camera

London, UK

The new Ava Flex packs a punch despite its diminutive size

Ava Security has Introduced the company's newest smart camera in the Ava security line-up: the indoor, cloud-native Ava Flex security camera.

The Flex is designed as a powerful, compact device for a growing business. The name Flex stems from its versatility and rounded form factor that allows for flexible deployment and customised line of sight. Importantly, Ava Flex offers more than just video security: it comes with other built-in sensors.

Ava already produces security cameras with embedded acoustic sensors and the company is an experienced developer with sound detection capabilities. With Ava Flex, the company is expanding to the realm of sensors. The camera is equipped with temperature and humidity environmental sensor technology that can help businesses detect important changes in their indoor spaces. Offering simplicity and intelligence this small camera offers much more than its diminutive size may indicate.

Each Ava Flex camera, includes a QR code on the camera, which can be simply scanned with a mobile to offer a fast onboarding experience. The ball-joint mounting bracket, allows users to adjust the exact viewing angle when mounted to any flat surface like a ceiling or wall, and manually adjust whenever necessary. From here, visualising the data is as easy as logging into the Ava Aware data platform from the user's desktop or mobile device.


Built-in sensors are able to monitor a building and provide information of sudden increases or decreases in temperature, for example, which could indicate issues with HVAC or that a window was left open. Whether protecting goods or fine art or wanting to know if the AC was left running all weekend, the Flex can save time and prevent loss of stock.

Ava Flex detects real-time anomalies and pushes notifications to the appropriate teams. Image recognition and sound analytics help the system determine what’s a security event and what’s routine.

The Flex is more robust than it might first appear. Its small size is not an indication of its performance. Tthe new camera comes with two bright white LEDs that use intelligent AI-based light control to bring clarity to footage no matter the time of day. Like other Ava security cameras, it is powered by a powerful Ambarella SoC.

Secure encryption

With camera passwords, end-to-end encryption, and detailed audit logs, the Flex is offered as one of the most secure cameras on the market. The Flex comes with seven days of onboard storage and up to 30 days of cloud storage. Ava’s smart analytics allows users to store only what is relevant to the cloud or expand video storage for continuous video history.

Ava Security specifies the Flex as suitable for various deployments, from retail businesses to established restaurant chains, offices, and other distributed deployments.


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