Androvideo Edge AI solutions reinforce vision applications

Taipei, Taiwan

Androvideo, a company focused on edge AIoT camera solutions, brings AI to the camera to make it smarter and more efficient.

With a strong background in AI, Androvideo has successfully developed its own AI algorithms, including facial recognition, human detection, age/gender recognition and pose estimation that are optimised for the camera’s Qualcomm-Android architecture. Androvideo's AI camera has already been deployed in several projects including video surveillance, smart retail, healthcare, smart factory and even smart workout.

Androvideo's edgeside AI solution features advanced vision recognition on human face and body. Using face recognition, its AI camera has been engineered to recognise up to 15 human faces on one single image in less than 1 second. To perform age and gender recognition, it is about 95% accurate on age and 96% on gender. The Androvideo AI camera or solution can generate a mosaic block for de-identification. In order to follow the four eye principle of GDPR, there will be no privacy data stored or transmitted.

Using high accuracy skeleton technology, the Androvideo AI camera can perform so called, 'Pose Estimation'; i.e. further interpreting a target's behaviours.  This feature can be practically used for many applications, such as smart retail, social crime prevention, ...etc. The embedded human detection function can effectively detect a group of 30 people (@ 1 frame), including a small human shape,  in a range of up to 18 metres in diameter. There is also a virtual fence function provided in the Androvideo AI solution; this feature is designed to offer high efficiency in the prevention of false alarms and saves manpower in anti intrusion and unauthorised trespassing.

Androvideo provides a full portfolio of products including; serverless AI cameras in ceiling-mount, surface-mount, 360-degree pendant-mount, wall-mount, and box-type. All cameras are developed with Androvideo's own AI algorithm for high accuracy, fast response, and application variance.


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