Advanced yet affordable access control readers

Taipei, Taiwan

Geovision, primarily recognised for its high-quality IP cameras, is broadening its security solutions with the introduction of a diverse range of access control systems.

This latest series includes several models, each tailored to different security needs. The models stand out for their compatibility with multiple card types, including UID and Des-ID (Desfire), and support for various communication protocols like Wiegand, OSDP, RS-485, and TCP/IP. This multi-faceted approach indicates Geovision's commitment to versatile, adaptable security solutions.

The GV-SR1352 model, in particular, supports dual-band frequency, making it versatile for different settings, including mixed-use, IP66-compliant assures durability under diverse conditions. With its competitive pricing, the GV-SR1352 offers a balance of advanced features and affordability, ideal for those seeking a reliable yet cost-effective entry into advanced security solutions.

Geovision's new access control range supports the company's commitment strategy to advancing security solutions that are both sophisticated and user-friendly.


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