Achieving a connected intelligent city with Korenix technology

Taipei, Taiwan

Specialising in industrial digital communication, Korenix provides core technologies for the “smart city” concept, its products help with monitoring and surveillance, both locally and from a distance, connecting separate systems into the same network and service automation.

With more and more city governments adopting the “smart city” concept, Korenix’s services are becoming more highly sought after and the company has gained great experience working with governments across the world, including Taiwan, Sweden, Poland, and China.

Korenix maintains, to date, six main lines of products, all of which are industrial-grade, which provide more reliable products with longer guarantee times. All Korenix products have been designed, researched, tested, and manufactured in Taiwan. Korenix also offers localised after-sales maintenance and service, ensuring that local clients will have maintenance services on hand should they need it.

The Taipei project

In a recent collaboration with Taipei City Government in Taiwan, Korenix was asked to provide access points to link outdoor surveillance equipment with the city government’s internet.

The impetus for this project aimed to facilitate the wireless transfer of CCTV imagery on intersections in Taipei city to a central control centre via a wireless solution, as it is difficult to connect wiring on intersections. Korenix was sought out as its products are industrial grade and could work under inclement weather conditions. The goal is to provide a reliable wireless solution for transmitting camera video to a traffic surveillance and control centre for Taipei city.

Taipei City’s excellent infrastructure for Wi-fi service and 4G network base stations, which had near-total coverage over the entire city, has facilitated the implementation of this project.

The city government’s previous efforts at such transitions had installed equipment attuned for the 2.4Ghz frequency band, which was unfortunately already the primary frequency used by Wi-fi network providers around the city.

This presented a large amount of interference and led to instability of Wi-fi data transmission for CCTV footage from the equipment to the data centre, causing footage lag and, sometimes, disconnections.

Korenix offered its Jetwave 2460 device as a solution to assist the city government with the transition from physical wiring to wireless. During the first phase of the project, which is currently ongoing, Korenix has planned to utilise 300 devices, while at its current stage, it has delivered 50 devices.

The device is designed to support both 2.4Ghz and 5.8Ghz frequencies and has also in-built Auto Channel Survey (ACS) functions. This function will allow the device to periodically try and detect whether it is on the “best” Wi-fi frequency and, if it detects a better frequency with less or zero interference, it would automatically switch over to that channel. This would allow the device to function on the best Wi-fi network possible.

After introducing the Jetwave device on-site, the locale’s 5.8Ghz was determined to be the frequency that is relatively clean and with minimalist interference. Since its switch to the 5.8Ghz, the network has not seen any disconnections and has met the Taipei City government’s expectations of a system providing highly reliable wireless transfers.

Past projects

In a separate collaboration, Korenix collaborated with a system integrator with plans to install on buses, which had not been installed with a multi-service platform before, a passenger information system that would allow the company to monitor the actions of its riders, ensure that the driver is observing the turn signals and would give the control centre active control over the bus’s brake control.

The system would be able to forward the information collected onto a cloud server every time it passes a bus stop, at which point the company would be able to receive the data and conduct analysis.

In addition to providing the digital platform, which would integrate bus signals, store and forward data to a cloud system on which the data will be analysed, Korenix also provides the network integration devices, as well as servers and computers.


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