Ventanilla becomes a safer city with Dahua

Hangzhou, China

Ventanilla, Peru

Dahua Technology is successfully helping to secure Ventanilla in Lima, Peru, together with local distributor Best Security del Perú.

Covering a total land area of 73.52 km², Ventanilla is the largest district of the Callao province and accommodates a population of over 500,000, which leads to a high population density and more pressure on city infrastructures and facilities. As with some other rising cities around the world, Ventanilla is facing problems such as traffic jams and crime, so the municipal government became determined to create a better and safer living environment for its citizens by launching a safe city project with an all-round surveillance deployment.

However, the project was fairly problematic to begin with, as Ventanilla is a mountainous seaside city, which means installation and cabling would be a big challenge. To better figure out what would be the most optimal solution in this case, Dahua dispatched a professional team to Peru in order to provide first-hand and timely support. Taking both topography and budget into consideration, Dahua and Best Security del Perú came up with a wireless solution, by which, all the media data can be transmitted to the centre via access points, avoiding installation complexity and saving spending on labour and cable at the same time.

The complete solution includes network speed domes, NVRs, transmission devices, video-wall system, a control keyboard, provided to the best C/P ratio and high stability as required by the government.

A hundred units of Dahua IR speed domes are installed across the city, covering streets and corners; and with an IR distance of up to 80 metres, ensuring a good visual effect even under unfavourable lighting conditions.

Meanwhile, 128-channel super NVRs and 16-channel NVRs are used as storage devices in order to manage massive data volumes. Take the super NVR as an example, it is capable of 384Mbps in incoming bandwidth, rendering a smooth HD real-time preview and recording; and the NVR supports RAID5, which further ensures data safety and system stability.

The wireless video transmission system includes access points, feeders, PoE, antennae and power cables, allowing a 3.0km to 5.0km long-distance fast transmission with a wide angle, by which, the coverage is further expanded.

In addition, there is a Dahua 3 x 3 46-inch video wall installed in the control room, incorporated with a video-wall controller to have better central management, which can in turn better optimise the manpower and police operations.

“Generally, Dahua products perform well and the system operates with stability for the whole project”, said Christian E. Buleje Pun, Manager of Information and Telecommunication Technology at the Municipal of Ventanilla. “We appreciate the reliable quality, smooth running, low costs and advanced service of Dahua. Surely, we will continue to select Dahua as our future cooperative brand for security projects in the future. If Dahua can provide longer warranty, that will be perfect. ” he continued.

“It was always a pleasure to work with Dahua Technology,” said Manuel Nolazco N., Gerente Técnico Comercial at Best Security del Perú. “They’ve done a lot of safe city projects around the world, which is very helpful and supportive during the implementation process, and we are looking forward to cooperating more on safe city projects with Dahua in Peru.”

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