DHL Exel Supply Chain secured by megapixel cameras

Rosersberg, Sweden

Every detail of the process, starting from when a shipment enters the gates of the warehouse until it leaves the DHL premises had to be monitored.

To keep up with its expanding business throughout Europe, DHL Exel Supply Chain, a global leader in transport, freight, and logistics, built a new logistics center in late 2006. The 2,400 square meter (25,800 sq. ft.) warehouse is located in Rosersberg, close to Arlanda airport. With more than 1.5 billion shipments every year, DHL must guarantee the highest level of security for warehousing and transportation of its packages, while simultaneously protecting their own assets and people.

DHL sought a future-proof, scalable video surveillance system, complemented by the best camera technology available, to meet its current needs and possible future expansion. The company is a pioneer in security for the freight industry and was the first freight forwarder to establish a worldwide in-house security department. "Our integrated security activities focus on all aspects of loss prevention, and we offer our customers professional advice and security consultation," said Tommy Nielsen, security and safety manager, DHL Sweden. To ensure security excellence and eliminate fraudulent claims, DHL Rosersberg needed a highly reliable video surveillance solution to monitor receiving and loading activities, protect the shipments, and oversee re-packing. Every detail of the process, starting from when a shipment enters the gates of the warehouse until it leaves the DHL premises had to be monitored.

Already equipped with the newest logistics technology, DHL wanted to take advantage of the latest networked digital technology using IP video surveillance paired with high performance megapixel cameras. DHL chose an IP-based system with power delivered by external Power over Ethernet (PoE) adapters to IP surveillance cameras via lower cost CAT5 Ethernet cabling. "There was no way we could have considered an analog solution," explained Nielsen. "IP surveillance systems are the future. They are very scalable and offer expansive storage systems which protect valuable data from being lost." DHL chose Mirasys N series surveillance software based on their previous positive experiences with the company's technology. To optimize the video surveillance system, the video management software was paired with IQeye megapixel cameras from IQinVision. IQeye cameras were selected after testing several different IP camera models. Mirasys software is designed to control up to thousands of surveillance and security devices such as cameras, microphones, text channels and electronic locks through one interlinked recorder cluster. With the new Mirasys/IQinVision system, DHL is now the benchmark for security excellence in the express and logistics industry. The combined solution provides a safe working environment for their staff, a secure network for their customers' shipments, and the highest level of regulatory compliance.

IP video surveillance coupled with IQeye megapixel cameras helps ensure that shipments are handled correctly from start to finish. It is the optimal solution to handle supplier issues and to avoid fraudulent customer claims about missing parts and broken shipments.

"We were primarily looking for superior image quality and value, but we wanted other features as well," Security manager Nielsen on DHL's specific camera demands. "The IQeye cameras provide a number of important benefits including 'plug and play' functionality and remarkable network stability."

By choosing megapixel cameras, DHL requires fewer cameras on the network. A single IQeye with multi-megapixel resolution uses less bandwidth than multiple traditional cameras, while achieving equivalent coverage at the same or better resolution.

The IQeye cameras' PoE functionality saved installation costs and effort. PoE provides power to a network camera using the same cable that is used for the network connection.

PoE functionality also enables DHL to connect the surveillance cameras to any network or wireless adapter - making camera placement highly flexible. All network cameras and storage units can be moved to new locations simply by unplugging and then plugging into the Ethernet port.

IQeye cameras are configured to record crisp, clear multi-megapixel images locally, either on-camera or to a Local Area Network (LAN), while simultaneously sending real-time low-bandwidth images over a WAN or the Internet, for remote monitoring and video alarm verification.

The megapixel cameras provide superior digital pan-tilt-zoom capabilities that show excellent forensic detail instead of blurred images. The digital PTZ functionality is highly impressive for this application: DHL staff can check the numbers on the boxes in the warehouse and even the small print without physically needing to go there.

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