World 1st technology solution to help secure fans at Qatar World Cup

Cork, Ireland and Doha, Qatar

Designed and developed by Intaleq and powered by the Johnson Controls Openblue digital platform and Microsoft Azure, the new solution in Qatar is a world's first for unique smart stadiums, transforming eight World Cup venues into one connected digital space.

Intaleq, a Qatar based solutions and services provider for the sports and entertainment industry, is the latest Openblue Pioneers Award winner. Honoured for the creation of this revolutionary connected and intelligent digital command centre, Intaleq has demonstrated an understanding of the potential of digital transformation, driving connected technologies and a shared commitment to innovation. Johnson Controls worked closely with Microsoft and Intaleq to bring this new digital solution to life for the World Cup Qatar 2022.

According to the company, ticket sales for the event are approaching 3 million for an unprecedented 1.2 million visitors - equivalent to nearly half Qatar's population - making the need for smart security of the utmost importance.

By enabling a digital command and control centre for the 2022 World Cup, the team has unparalleled visibility into operations across all eight football stadiums in Doha. Each stadium will have a '3D digital twin', an interactive digital model that provides live information on safety, comfort and sustainability to a team of command centre experts. Openblue gathers data from edge devices and systems, harmonizes the information and provides an easy experience for the operator to assess situations, such as identifying when a security or safety issue has the potential to impact fans and players, or how crowd size and weather changes might affect energy efficiency and playing conditions.

"We are changing how we manage the security, safety, comfort and dynamic intelligence of sporting arenas and embracing digital innovation," said Abdulaziz Al Mahmoud, Chairman, Intaleq. "We are delighted to receive this award and continue our work with Johnson Controls and Microsoft as this new technology keeps fans, staff and players safe for the biggest sporting event in the world, the 2022 World Cup."

Prior to the development of this new digital solution, large scale sporting events relied on multiple systems and operators to analyse data and collaborate in silos. Responses to incidents were less efficient and took much more time, effort and resources. Now, the digital twin and unified command centre enables a real-time view of the stadiums, interactive monitoring, remote command and control, more context on alarms and events, and ability to resolve an incident significantly faster than a traditional command and control solution. Additionally, a workflow automation tool helps users automate standard operating procedures, allowing them to operate their stadiums more easily.

"Intaleq and the creation of the first of its kind digital platform is an incredible testament to the power of partnership and is changing how the world views the application of artificial intelligence to optimise stadium management," said Rodney Clark, Vice President & Chief Commercial Officer, Johnson Controls. "We are honoured to present Intaleq with an Openblue Pioneers award for their leadership embracing digital transformation to create smarter, safer and more sustainable buildings."


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