Vivotek security cameras are a certainty for German casino

Oehringen, Germany

Vivotek IP Cameras at VIP Casino, Germany

VIP Casino is a popular chain of premium casinos in Germany. Systems integrator MB-PC developed a solution customised to VIP Casinos surveillance needs at two of its locations in Germany, Oehringen and Bad Friedrichshall in Baden-Württemberg, southern Germany.
It goes without saying that an effective surveillance infrastructure is essential for gambling establishments, where the risk of disputes and even criminal activity is high. The MB-PC account manager Marco Brueck adds: “The casino needed cameras that could give them video and images clear and detailed enough to easily identify individuals they might be interested in.”

At the VIP Casino in Oehringen, MB-PC’s solution designed in 5 x IP7361s and 34 x FD7160s from Vivotek. At this site, the casino wished to implement a surveillance system inside the casino proper as well as in the parking area and entrance area to the adjoining shopping area that many customers visited before or after time spent in the casino. For the outdoor areas—parking and shopping center entrance—MB-PC recommended the IP7361, a high-end network bullet camera tailor-made for outdoor environments with an auto-iris lens and IR cut filter to ensure superior video quality whatever the lighting conditions night and day. Inside the casino, MB-PC urged the casino to use Vivotek’s FD7160. Like the IP7361, the FD7160 produces high-resolution 2-megapixel video, essential for a usage scenario like the casino’s.

Recordings of the surveillance video were archived using the go1984 Enterprise package from German software vendor Logiware. As Brueck explains: “go1984 is popular worldwide, but especially here in Germany. Vivotek hardware works especially well with go1984, which was another reason we advised the casino to use the IP7361 and FD7160.” Yet another point in the Vivotek cameras’ favour was their PoE support, according to Brueck: “We just plugged the cameras into PoE switches, providing electrical power and the LAN connection the casino’s security team needed to manage everything. That made for a really clean, clutter-free setup.”

At a second facility in Bad Friedrichshall, MB-PC helped the casino set up another Vivotek camera-based surveillance system, this time consisting of 4 x IP7361 cameras outside, and 49 x FD7130 cameras inside. The system was largely similar to the one in Oehringen, with one major twist: one of the IP7361 cameras had to be installed on a completely separate building, a dilemma that MB-PC resolved by using a wireless LAN bridge. The camera has performed flawlessly, enabling the casino to seamlessly manage it along with the other Vivotek cameras on their network, demonstrating its suitability as part of a wireless LAN-based surveillance installation.

The VIP Casino chain is set to implement similar Vivotek-based surveillance systems at an additional three to five casinos later this year.

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