Vigitron receives patent for transmission solution

San Diego, Ca (USA)

The Vigitron, Inc., Vi00103 Netmux transmission solution has been awarded patent number US-20220294654-A1.

The Vi00103 is a cost-effective solution that enables the transmission of data and power to two IP/PoE devices over a single category cable. Since its introduction, according to the company, the Vi00103 has been installed in tens of thousands of applications.

"The Vi00103 is another testament to Vigitron's ongoing commitment to meet the evolving and unique networking requirements in the security industry," said Neil Heller, Vigitron's VP of Business Development. By eliminating the need for additional cable runs, Netmux significantly reduces installation time and costs. Vigitron's engineering efforts are dedicated to developing reliable, efficient, and cost-effective products that align with the increasing demand for innovative security solutions.


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