UK and US take opposing strategies on facial recognition

Montreal, Canada and London, UK

In “Eyes Wired Open” the latest episode of Engage a new podcast series hosted by Genetec Inc, former UK Surveillance Camera Commissioner, Tony Porter and Cindy Cohn, executive director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation share contrasting thoughts on the UK and the US’s video surveillance strategies.

From pervasive video cameras to facial recognition and privacy issues surrounding personal information prompted by the pandemic, government and civil liberty organisations on both sides of the Atlantic are responding with very different strategies to balance the need for security and the privacy of citizens.

While the UK's take is rooted in a national strategy that sets the guardrails for how surveillance should be governed, in the US, digital rights groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation look to set the same checks in court.

And whereas the US has passed some of the world's toughest laws banning government procurement of Chinese, state-owned surveillance equipment, the UK has taken a decidedly different route that is focused on regulating use, and establishing strict certification processes in an effort to build public trust.

Focused on exploring key industry themes with global thought leaders spanning multiple disciplines, Engage: A Genetec podcast, examines a broad spectrum of safety and security topics, from digital transformation in business, city, and government operations, to vital technology topics including privacy, data sovereignty, and more. This online debate organised by Genetec results in an interesting discussion entitled episode 5 "Eyes Wired Open" and features on Genetec's online service. 

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