The importance of integrated access and time management software

Doncaster, UK and Wiesbaden, Germany

With OLS’ integrated access control and time management software, Acre Security’s ability to control the movement of staff and visitors within a building’s structure is now performed at a global standard. By working closely with customers and developing their requirements, the company is now able to develop secure solutions specific to a client's business and industry.

Acre Security Gold Partner and collaborator, OLS, has a dedicated team of software and project managers who aim to deliver a bespoke solution to each customer tailoring their requirements to each project.

By integrating with time and attendance platforms, OLS delivers a secure comprehensive cloud-based access control solution, on a dynamic platform, to enhance site security, system management, and administration. This is achieved via its web-based application and by the use of an intuitive smartphone app giving complete access control and a unified video event management solution. The interface of single-source data through integration with these systems reduces administration, enhances efficiency, and provides real-time data sharing to help ensure access is properly managed throughout the built environment.

The leading industries that require time management solutions integrated with their access control software are predominantly manufacturing industries such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage, industrial and chemical, logistics, leisure, and multi-site occupancy organizations.

Key benefits of access control and time management software integration

The key benefits of this integration for facilities are the significant reduction of in-house administration and duplication of data. The seamless interface offering keeps user information up-to-date while saving on costs and reducing infrastructure. The flexibility to not administer multiple systems, access rights, and security, not reliant on non-security personnel making decisions over access around sites are key other key changes that are made with this integration to facilitate your organisation's security seamlessly.

Further solution integration capabilities

OLS has access to a wealth of products that fit hand in hand with these solutions, including Fire Roll Call Mustering, Visitor and Contractor Management, ANPR, and the implementation of gates, turnstiles & portals to create a secure and intrinsically safe environment.

By either using a dedicated device that shares the same credential type or via APIs for seamlessly collecting data, OLS can provide accurate on-site recordings from the time management software. Multiple functionality and results can be achieved for the best customer and user experience.

Integrating existing access control solutions into the time management software offering

With consideration dependent on the particular solutions already deployed and in use at the site, OLS has a number of systems integrated with some of the world’s largest time management platforms. OLS uses its own in-house development team to also deliver bespoke integrations via its patented OLS connect module, which enables APIs from non-native systems to work together. Or utilising the exchange of data via CSV files etc.

Overall, with OLS, Acre Security offers a wide range of sophisticated technology solutions for access control installers. This vast arsenal includes door access with face recognition, access control QR code readers, Bluetooth access control card readers, and mobile credentials for access control.


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