DI Award presented for the Alarm and Detection products of the year

Detektor International Award-recipients. Mark Cosgrave (middle) received the first prize on behalf of Optex in the Alarm & Detection category, while Patrick Olander from Consilium and Frederick Jacobs from Security 360 shared and received the "Innovative Achievement Award".

On October 24, the winners of the product prize Detektor International Award 2023 were presented at a security industry dinner at the International Stockholm Fair, held in conjunction with the security exhibition Sectech.

In the Alarm and Detection category the Detektor International Magazine presented their choice of three products representing innovation and usability – which are the main core values for the award jury.

The Detektor International Award was established in 2000 and is one of the most famous and prestigious security industry prizes.

"With this award, we want to highlight solutions that represent innovation and usability, And this year´s nominated solutions are meeting these criteria and can contribute to effectiveness in the security work," stated Lennart Alexandrie, editor-in-chief and founder of the magazine Detektor in his introductory speech at the prize ceremony.

Four product categories

The Detektor International Award includes four categories: Alarm & Detection, ID & Pass Control, Video Surveillance and IoT. The voting includes seven members of the editorial board of Detektor magazine, including chairman Åke Norrby and the editors from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, England and Taiwan.

The first prize winner 2023

Optex from Japan and Asia came out as a winner in the Alarm & Detection category with their intelligent lidar technology detector Redscan Mini-Pro.

Redscan Mini-Pro uses intelligent 2D lidar technology and is available in a version with a built-in security camera. The sensor enables very fast and accurate detection of any object, as it calculates its size, speed, and distance. With built-in algorithms, it can be configured to trigger an event or alarm for a specific size of an object such as a person or even a hand approaching a valuable object, while ignoring other movements.


Designed for extremely fast, precise, and reliable detection in all kinds of weather conditions, Redscan Mini-Pro offers a convincing winning concept to meet the toughest challenges in perimeter surveillance applications.”

The Innovative Achievement Award 2023

The Innovative Achievement award was shared between the S360 Box from Secury360 (Belgium) and Early Action from Consilium Safety (Sweden)

The S360 Box, from the Belgian company Secury360, acts as an alarm panel for existing camera systems. Camera system connected to the S360 box are infused with AI functionality for proactive perimeter detection, video analysis and filtering of alarm events via a cloud service, from which all updates are distributed to the systems. Via a partner portal, the dealers/installers can manage everything remotely.


“S360 Box makes existing security camera systems intelligent and ready for proactive surveillance and perimeter detection, while false events are filtered out. It is an impressive achievement and a powerful response to the market’s increasing needs for AI technology solutions”

The software service Early Action from Consilium Safety is implemented in fire alarm systems and can continuously collect data from all detectors and, via an app, send early warnings if there are indications of risks for fire. This way,emerging fire risks can be detected before they develop into a fire and, in addition, unnecessary alarms can be avoided.


“With Early Action, Consilium Safety has not only created a solution that can reduce the number of false alarms, but also meet the need to detect early and be able to remedy events that might otherwise develop into fires.”

Lidar technology, AI and cloud solutions

If you are to see trends based on the three Detektor International Award recipients in the Alarm and Detection category, megatrends such as AI and cloud solutions are well represented. But perhaps the most interesting thing in that context is that the Redscan Mini-Pro detector won the first prize, which signals a breakthrough in lidar technology.


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