Thales boosts cyber capabilities with new partnership

Paris, France and Melbourne, Australia

Andrew Wilson, CEO Senetas (left) and Todd Moore, Global Vice President Encryption Products at Thales (right).

The cyber-threat landscape is increasingly challenging, and cyber security solutions are constantly evolving, as new tools, technologies and strategies are developed. One innovative company that is ahead of the game, according to Thales, is Australian cyber security specialist, Senetas.

Based in Melbourne, Senetas provides critical data security solutions to enterprise and government organisations – from data network and cloud security, to quantum resistant encryption, secure file sharing and advanced anti-malware.

Thales has partnered with Senetas, complementing the extensive Thales cyber security portfolio to meet customers’ increasing requirements for trusted and resilient solutions.

Thales is the global distributor of Senetas’ network encryption, secure file sharing and anti-malware solutions. This partnership enables Senetas to focus on its Research & Development of new security technologies, while Thales focuses on generating business opportunities and taking the solution to customers globally.

Senetas’s multi-certified network encryption solutions (FIPS, Common Criteria, NATO, DoDIN APL), developed and manufactured in Australia, are now in use by global commercial and technology enterprises as well as governments and defence forces in more than 45 countries. They are trusted to secure critical data such as government and defence intelligence, intellectual property, financial transactions, citizen privacy as well as real-time CCTV networks and critical national infrastructure.

Senetas CEO, Andrew Wilson says, “Our products provide the strongest data protection. As data networks have become a critical cornerstone of business and government activities, our multi-certified network encryption solutions protect critical and sensitive data in motion. They provide a safeguard allowing organisations to securely transmit massive amounts of data without compromising networks’ or systems’ performance. Importantly, they are also quantum resistant - giving customers confidence that today’s data remains safe in a post-quantum world. Together with Thales we have established a solid business foundation and a profitable partnership through their access to global markets.”

Todd Moore, Global Vice President Encryption Products at Thales, agreed: “In any partnership, trust is a key element and both our teams have the ultimate trust in Senetas products and Thales’ go-to-market strategies to ensure success.”

Thea Dedden, General Manager, Digital Systems, at Thales Australia added

“Senetas are an important Global Supply Chain (GSC) partner for Thales. They have added value to our own solutions, enabling global reach whilst remaining competitive; a real win win-win. Together we have achieved fantastic success, and through our GSC Program activities we will expand to utilise this technology across the business and to our customers."


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