Thai retailer deploys Nuuo IVS to enhance customer service

Bangkok, Thailand and Taipei, Taiwan

With a huge number of visitors flowing in and out every day, a total of 40 cameras have been installed in the department store to protect consumers and staff as well as the properties.

The Mall Group, Thailand's largest mall operator which owns several well-known department stores like Emporium, Paragon, and Emquartier, has taken the decision to install Nuuo's IVS at its Bangkok-based Emquartier department store.

Opened in March 2015, Emquartier Bangkok has become one of the biggest retail hubs of the city. The 2,700,000-square-metre department store houses numerous world class brands such as Emporio Armani, Valentino, and Pierre Herme as well as dozens of restaurants, offices, and event halls.

With a huge number of visitors flowing in and out every day, a total of 40 cameras have been installed in the department store to protect consumers and staff as well as the properties. As the business grows, the department store wants to evaluate its business execution more efficiently. Besides sales volume, they also want to keep track of the number of visitors to the department store, especially during holiday sales periods or promotions, to help the managers make wiser decisions and provide better services for the customers. As a result, the distributor has suggested the department store should adopt the proven Nuuo IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance) solution.

The Nuuo IVS system provides advanced, accurate video analytics for both IP and analogue cameras. The IVS engine can track, classify and analyse the behaviour of individual or groups of objects over long distances to greatly improve perimeter security and monitoring efficiency.

The Nuuo IVS system includes a bi-directional line-crossing filter for people and vehicle counting. People coming from both directions, especially in busy doorways and entrance areas, can be counted separately and accurately. The security guards and supervisors can view the number of people on a computer screen immediately or have the data sent to the central office where it can be stored for future analysis via Ethernet networks. All data can be further analysed for marketing purposes or compared with other demographics data to understand consumer behaviour. The IVS system is also useful for counting vehicles to help them get hold of vehicle flow information. It also provides information pertaining to the estimated speed of the vehicles.

The IVS is equipped with a tamper detection function, which means the system will notify the administrator immediately in case of such an event. In addition, it is embedded with a stabiliser which will compensate for any movement to provide a clear view if the cameras are installed in an unstable environment.

After installing the Nuuo IVS system, managers of the department store are able to track foot traffic easily. The traffic data enables the managers to determine peak and off-peak times and schedule staff accordingly, achieving higher staffing efficiency. As the number of employees scheduled during the less busy store hours decreases, the problem of underutilised staff resources during off-peak periods is solved, hence lowering total labour costs. Furthermore, the department store is able to deploy the best salespeople and additional staff members during prime shopping hours to improve customer services.  Better customer experience should result in increased customer satisfaction.

The managers can also compare the people counting data from different floors or areas in the department to find out the hot zones. With such information, the marketing team can plan their campaigns more effectively. The managers can also deploy more security staff or information desks in these high-traffic areas to provide better protection for visitors and property and better customer service.


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